Year: 2018

Staying Off Sugar by Taylor Stevens

Staying Off Sugar by Taylor Stevens

It’s been said that sugar is harder to quit than cocaine. I don’t know anything about cocaine, but I do know more than I should about trying—and failing—to quit that… READ MORE

Feminist Thrillers by Taylor Stevens

Feminist Thrillers by Taylor Stevens

It’s fair to say I’ve lived an unusual life. I was born into a nomadic apocalyptic cult and raised in a belief system that eschewed connections to “worldly things” such… READ MORE

Original Fantasy Fudge by Krista Davis

When I was growing up, a neighbor always made this fudge for Christmas. She insisted that it came off the back of a marshmallow creme jar. That neighbor has passed on… READ MORE

Florentine Cookies by Krista Davis

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Florentine cookies in my household. If you hate dried fruit or chocolate, then they are not for you! But if you love the richness of… READ MORE

Knitting a Mystery by Sally Goldenbaum

Have you ever wondered why so many cozy mysteries revolve around food or knitting or gardening or bookstores? Why isn’t a plain old murder enough? Who needs herbs or bamboo… READ MORE

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